Which is Best LEGO Brickheadz? Where to buy LEGO Brickheadz MOC?

The recent epidemic has no motivation for scientific research. Since the second half of 2019, I have been paying attention to LEGO Brickhead Boy. I have nothing to do to summarize and share happiness with big friends. Brickheadz—The Brickheadz series was first launched at the San Diego International Comic Con (SDCC) in 2016. This time, 4 comic-exclusive Brickheadz including 8 characters were launched. This series allows players to build their favorite characters, such as Harry Potter characters, Marvel characters, DC characters and Star Wars characters. This series of building packs only focuses on character images, not creating scenes. Due to the complexity of building heads and bodies, these building kits contain many beautiful and rare prints. In addition, its silly shape and small size quickly became a new generation of LEGO collection explosions. The Brickheadz series is not only a toy, but also a good accessory for the home, especially the study room. So among the many existing Brickheadz building packs, which ones are worth starting with?

1. 41624+41625 Mickey + Minnie Brickhead As one of the LEGOs combined with Mickey’s 90th anniversary elements, Mickey and Minnie Brickhead started in 2018 and showed huge collection value after they went out of print in 2019, and the price has been rising all the way , the two models together cost 600 yuan (2020.3). As household names, Mickey and Minnie have a much larger audience than other BrickHeadboy franchises. Its color matching and build-up design also restore the classic Disney image very well. In addition, rare prints of Mickey and Minnie, as well as odd-shaped singles of ears, are of high value. The blessing of many factors makes 41624 and 41625 one of the most expensive boxers. However, it remains to be seen whether the price of a single mass-produced Brickboy can exceed the 400rmb mark. It is indeed a set of boxers worth collecting, but considering the price, you have to do what you can~

2. 41615+41616 Harry Potter & Hedwig + Hermione Harry Potter is the most iconic in recent years One of the film and television characters, this set of Harry Potter and Hedwig’s Brick Boys also restores the classic images in the movie from all angles. Harry wears lovely round black glasses, a lightning scar above his forehead, and Gryffindor robes and scarf, accompanied by his old friend Hedwig, with lifelike feathers. Hermione’s is wearing a gray Gryffindor uniform with classic slightly tousled curls, and holds a book in one hand and a wand in the other. Looks like a proper master of magic. As a square-headed boy based on a real-life moc, the Harry Potter series is more reductive than the Disney Princess series. Although they all adhere to the usual minimalist style of the Brickhead Boy series, and even have no facial expressions, the details of the accessories in the Harry Potter series can highlight the characteristics of the characters and are very cute. The Harry Potter collection also includes 41621 – Ron and Dumbledore. Ron’s costume combined the above two, wearing a Gryffindor uniform inside, a magical black robe outside, and a classic red hair of the Weasley family, which did not bring any additional surprises. Dumbledore’s pattern is highly restored, but this one doesn’t show Dumbledore’s kindness and wisdom, so it’s not a very successful square-headed moc. The Harry Potter series has only released these three sets so far, and for the sake of completeness, it doesn’t hurt to include them. Moreover, Harry Potter has become one of the most expensive Brickboys, and Hermione also showed a huge increase in early 2020, and the prices of Ron and Dumbledore are basically the same, so it is also a good idea to start with three sets choose.

3. 41589 Captain America Brickhead Boy Captain America is the most expensive among the 12 in the first season. In addition to the IP, there are many audiences. The same reason as the Harry Potter series, Captain America’s moc is also very vivid. Although there are no specific expressions, the big eyes and masked face are cute. The blue and red classic color matching clothing and the iconic shield design are very intimate. Probably the cutest of all superheroes. The market price reflects everyone’s love to a certain extent. The prices of the recommended ones are already very high. I hope you will do what you can. I don’t know which one is your favorite?

Because the richness of LEGO origin is not enough, there are also many lego moc brick headz worth buying.

Chainsaw Man. Square head

Chainsaw Man. Square head

VALORANT Omen Brickheadz

MOC-121079 VALORANT Omen Brickheadz

Michael Myers The Shape Brickheadz

MOC-47904 Michael Myers The Shape Brickheadz

Kratos (God of War) Brickheadz

MOC-75469 Kratos (God of War) Brickheadz

Geralt of Rivia Brickheadz MOC – Netflix The Witcher

MOC-96298 Geralt of Rivia Brickheadz MOC – Netflix The Witcher

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