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When I played The Legend of Zelda, my wife was always watching. Once passing by a post station, Terry walked out slowly from the post station with a heavy unicorn bag on his back, and suddenly turned around and walked back into the post station. My wife asked: Why did he come out and then go back? Me: Didn’t you see it’s raining outside? My wife: Interesting

Another time I beat the centaur, picked up the centaur’s equipment after the fight, and picked up a piece of barbecue on the ground when I left. My wife: Why is there an extra piece of barbecue for no reason? Me: Just now when the men and horses were spitting fire, a wild boar ran behind me, and I avoided it… My wife: Interesting
Once I climbed a snow-capped mountain. In order to hurry up, I didn’t wear a down jacket and climbed up in a mountaineering suit. My wife: Why are you bleeding all the time? Me: This is a snow-capped mountain, can you not be cold in short sleeves? My wife: Interesting

Later, when I was going down the mountain, my wife asked again: Why don’t you lose blood now? Me: It’s not that high up here, so it’s not so cold. My wife: Isn’t this still a snow mountain? It must be cold in short sleeves. Me: Look at the big flaming sword behind me, doesn’t it look like a radiator? My wife: InterestingOnce in a thunderstorm, I encountered a monster and wanted to kill the monster and then change the thunder helmet, but the monster was a bit difficult to deal with, and I was struck by lightning before I was killed. My wife: What happened just now? Me: I was struck by lightning. My wife: What the hell, did you get retribution or the monster can spell? Me: Didn’t you see the iron sword in my hand? It’s a lightning rod. My wife: InterestingOnce I whistled and drove the fish in the water to the shore, and the fish kept flopping on the shore. My wife: What is that moving? Me: Fish, flutter after landing. My wife laughed for a long time and said, “King carp?” InterestingThen I went to the volcano. Fight monsters with my keel pokebring stick. There was fire on the stick. My wife: What are you doing here with a torch? Me: That’s a weapon. My wife: Then why did it catch fire? Me: Isn’t this a volcano? It’s too hot. My wife covers my face: Interesting

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