What is brick MOC?

MOC is the abbreviation of My Own Creation, that is, out of the framework of the official Set, and completely rely on the player’s own imagination to create new models.
According to the type of building blocks, it is divided into two categories: brick MOC and technology MOC, which are subdivided into building MOC, vehicle MOC, aircraft MOC, mecha MOC, scene MOC and minifigure MOC, etc.


Although most of the MOCs are not from the hands of professional designers (some are also the personal works of registered designers), some of them are on par with the official works or even surpass the official masterpieces. Taking the technology series as an example, the officially launched suits often need to comprehensively consider various factors such as parts repetition, assembly complexity, audience, cost and profit, so it is impossible to design a very complex structure. The number of parts (42100 is 4108 parts, but more than 500 connecting bolts) can be seen in the set.
In MOC, the designer does not need to consider these constraints at all, and can construct any complex structure at will. In 2015, there were no less than 150 MOCs belonging to the technology series published on the Internet, with more than 1,000 parts, including some works with 3,000+ and 4,000+ parts. The gearbox, brake module, steering wheel linkage and other structures that were difficult to see in the official package before are all essential elements in some MOCs.

Many creative new building methods are also first to appear in MOC, such as Nathanaël Kuipers (he is actually a former designer, the famous 8674 Ferrari F1 is his masterpiece) announced the Predator supercar boldly used vertical placement. gearbox, and for the first time the blade parts of the helicopter are used as air intake grilles on the car. Many MOC gods spoke highly of this work, believing that its shifting and chassis structure are revolutionary milestones, much better than the old-fashioned ones.

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