Our goal is to make high-quality, environmentally friendly building blocks access to all building block players and kids worldwide. This is what we have been doing. Since the establishment of the brand, we have not focused on marketing, but on quality control, raw material selection, and the establishment of environmental protection solutions. At the same time, our dealers are strictly screened. All our dealers must uphold the same philosophy as ours, to solve problems, face challenges, find opportunities, and focus on practice.


All our suppliers and partners must adhere to our business principles. We regularly review and meet with our partners to improve product service and customer experience. In different countries, we have established different risk levels, and the frequency of review is determined according to the risk level.


Responsible Business Principles articulate the expectations of our own production sites, suppliers, and partners, and relate to ethics, people, children, and the environment. Our approach to working with suppliers who exhibit non-conformances during audits is to work with them to identify the root cause and support them in correcting the problem within an agreed time frame. Our goal is to create long-term, sustainable solutions.


Our factory is located in Chenghai, Shantou, China, the toy capital of the world, and our quality control and factory scale are at the top level in the industry. We strictly abide by international toy manufacturing standards, have passed several European benchmark tests, and will continue improving our quality.