MOC-46228 Space Shuttle (1:110 Scale)

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MOC-46228 Space Shuttle (1:110 Scale)


Dimensions: 15.2 × 12.8 × 51.4 cm Bricks Quantity: 2162 Weight: 1.98 kg SKU: A0105 Category:

Dimensions: 15.2 × 12.8 × 51.4 cm

Bricks Quantity: 2162PCS

Weight: 1.98 kg

Package include: 2162 pieces brick, instruction manual, part list

Build your Space Shuttle to the same scale as the Saturn V! Ready for play or display.
Known affectionately as the “Flying Brick”, what better way to honor the iconic Space Shuttle than building one out of Gobricks!
– Get your nano-fig crew ready on the two decks and launch the Orbiter into space using the Main Engines and Boosters!
– Separate the Boosters and External Tank, like the real thing!
– Deploy the payload and take astronauts on a spacewalk using the Canadarm!
– Dock with the ISS (not included) with the Orbital Docking System!
– Glide back down to Earth by positioning the moving flaps (elevons) and tail rudder!
– Deploy the landing gear and tail rudder speed brake for touchdown!
– Congratulations, you’ve just finished your first mission to space, and you can now return your Shuttle to the safety of the display stand!
The Space Shuttle is the most complex machine ever built. Both a true marvel of engineering and a workhorse, it is one of the most storied and unique space-faring vehicles to date. With over 135 missions, it was humanity’s first reusable spacecraft, and brought hundreds of astronauts, scientists, and researchers to space.

Ready for play or display! (Built at 1:110 scale which has become popular among Brick space enthusiasts.)
To make it easy to choose your Shuttle, a sticker sheet has been designed to cover all versions from every era.

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All the bricks piece in this set are made by Gobrick, giving you the top quality MOC building experience.

The brick pieces have no color aberration, no scratches, accurate to 0.01 cm, and we go through a five-fold review to make sure there are no missing pieces in your package.

It was fundamental in deploying, repairing, and recovering countless research and communication satellites, and allowed crews to conduct invaluable experiments and research that have changed the world as we know it. It was responsible for deploying the Great Observatories: Hubble Space Telescope, Chandra X-Ray Observatory, and the Compton Gamma Ray Observatory, and for deploying the interplanetary probes, Magellan to study Venus, Galileo to study Jupiter, and Ulysses to study the Sun.
It was essential in the construction of the International Space Station, allowing humans to have a continuous presence in space for almost 20 years and counting!
Not only was the Shuttle important for science and education, but for humanity. The Shuttle brought together astronauts from all over the world (Russia, Germany, Canada, France, Saudi Arabia, Netherlands, Mexico, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, India, Ukraine, Spain, Israel, Sweden, United States). The program brought the first African American astronaut into space, Guion Bluford; the first American woman into space, Sally Ride; the first African American woman into space, Mae Jemison; and the oldest person in space, John Glenn at 77.

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