I’ll tell you everything I know about “Gobricks”! You need to know relationships between Goldmoc and Gobricks

I have been playing with building blocks for several years, whether it was during the official account period or the current period of making videos, I have always encountered a lot of players who have just entered the pit and asked what is “Gobrick”.
And, among our dozen or so player groups, we often see new players being biased by the so-called “Gobrick version” and “Gobrick replica” by some merchants.

Goldmoc.com is Gobrick official retail store for worldwide customer, it sells MOC and brick pieces for worldwide customers.

Therefore, today I hope to be able to do an issue to give a comprehensive introduction to “Gobrick”. I will write all my knowledge about Gobrick in this article, hoping to help everyone.
The content covered in this article includes:
What exactly is a Gobrick?

How to identify Gobrick parts?

How to buy genuine Gobrick?

What brands use Gobrick?

How do the Gobrick parts feel?

What does Gobrick mean for the entire production building block industry?

First of all what is “Gobrick”?
“Gobrick is lego compatible high-quality bricks.” Some e-commerce sellers will come and tell you this way. Of course this statement is wrong.

The most accurate definition is:
“Gobrick” is actually a common name for “Godes building block parts” by building block players.
Its manufacturer is Shantou Gods Precision Technology Co., Ltd., which is very well-known in the industry.
This factory does not make building block brands itself, but mainly provides parts production and OEM services for some high-quality building block brands in the world.

At the same time, they have a communication platform for building block enthusiasts called “Gobrick Community”; a one-stop parts distribution platform for players is called “Gobrick Mall”.
Usage of Gobrick parts by brand

Brands with Gobrick parts for almost all sets:
According to what we have seen and learned so far, the current use of Gobrick parts in the world is roughly like this: Yuxingmowang, Yuechuang (Xinyu), Rael/18K, Moyu, Pinqi, Jiaqi, Wei Almost all suits of Si, Weiji and other brands use Gobrick parts. Of course, this does not include the very few parts that Gobrick does not have, and non-Gobrick parts will be used.
Some kits use Gobrick parts brands:
Brands such as Senbao and Diku, some of their suits also use full Gobrick parts.
So it can be seen that Gobrick has almost covered most of the first-line building block brands in the world.
Let’s talk about the “Gobrick rate” again:
Some players will be concerned about a question, that is, although the suit they bought uses Gobrick parts, what is the “Gobrick rate”?
Here are my conclusions:
If this box set is made in the Gordes factory, it is almost impossible for a set to deliberately not use Gobrick parts as long as it is a part that Gordes has. Therefore, in this case, it is only possible to use other parts, including the building block brand’s own parts, only if there are parts that Gordes does not have.

And if the building block brand has its own sub-packaging production line, and at the same time only buys parts from Gordes, and then sub-assembles the parts in its own factory, then there will be some parts that Gordes has, but uses its own parts. possible.
But based on my understanding of the building block industry, Goldes is also very strict in reviewing its partners. Except for the possibility of supplying large quantities of spare parts to a few brands, in most cases, spare parts will not be supplied. (Note that this refers to “big batches”, so large that thousands of sets can be produced.)
Therefore, in most cases, you don’t need to worry about the “Gobrick rate”.
The reason why there is such a saying as “Gobrick rate” is more likely because some people will not recognize Gobrick parts (for example, there are no numbers on some parts, or there are double numbers in the early years, which is not a rigorous judgment. method).
As for the previous statement, it is said that some brands only use a small amount of Gobrick parts in order to reduce costs. This statement is even more impossible. If the parts are packaged in Golds, I don’t think Golds will accept the order for this kind of order (it’s just a guess here). If the sub-assembly is not in Godes, it is possible, but as I said before, this brand may not be able to purchase Gobrick parts in large quantities. And in particular, Gordes parts may not be much more expensive than other parts. Even if they are a little more expensive, there is no need for brand manufacturers to greatly increase their supply chain workload for this little cost.

The “Gobrick Mall” that building block players must know
Let’s talk about the one-stop building block parts distribution platform they provide to players, which is Gobrick Mall. This online mall is rich in parts types, specifications, colors, etc. If they say that they are second, then no other platform in the country, or even the world, dares to say that they are the first.
Some players may say, isn’t Bricklink also very complete? First of all, in terms of platform attributes, Bricklink is more like Taobao, which is sold by many merchants, while Gobrick is a separate entity, and the nature of this platform is different. Secondly, the color richness on Bricklink is definitely not as good as Gobrick.
Convenience in the ordering process
The great convenience that Gobrick mall brings to players is not only reflected in the completeness of parts, but more importantly, it also provides players with a very intelligent order process. After we use building block design software such as studio to complete the design, the final exported part list can be perfectly compatible with the intelligent system of Gobrick Mall.
After the upload of the form is completed, the system will provide intuitive feedback on the missing parts, lack of color, etc. of the parts. Before finalizing the order, the player can also modify and adjust the missing parts very conveniently. When the order is completed, a list of missing parts will also be obtained, which is convenient for the player to continue placing orders on other platforms.
If you have ever had the experience of searching for parts one by one on other e-commerce platforms, then you will definitely feel extremely comfortable for the experience of placing an order in a few minutes.
Robots Behind Niche Markets
However, if you walk into the warehouse of Gobrick Mall, you will be even more surprised to find that the intelligence of the order process is only the tip of the iceberg of Gobrick Mall’s systematic intelligence.

Here, dozens of robots shuttle back and forth in an orderly manner, and they are delivering the parts you just assembled to the staff. In this way, the tedious operation of searching for parts in the huge parts warehouse is eliminated, and the efficiency of order distribution is greatly improved.
Although there are still many players who report that the delivery of Gobrick Mall is slow, I believe that based on this huge systematic and intelligent layout supply model, the continuous improvement of delivery timeliness is only a matter of time.
And what we need to know here is that building blocks, at least for now, are still a relatively small market. Even Lego’s global revenue in 2021 will only be 50.9 billion yuan (55.3 billion Danish kroner, the data comes from the 2021 financial report of the Lego Group).
The building block MOC is even more niche among the niche. Behind such a small crowd, the ability to drive a company to make such a large-scale long-term investment can only be due to the great confidence and vision of entrepreneurs in this market.
Although the factory is far away, the Gobrick community is very close
Gordes’ confidence and vision in the building block market can also be seen in Gobrick’s support for building block MOC enthusiasts.

In 2022, Gobrick will hold a MOC competition, which is somewhat similar to Lego ideas. Although the influence and the number of participating players at this stage cannot be compared with Lego Ideas, and the overall quality of the works is not as good as Lego Ideas, but we believe that this is just the beginning.
In addition, Gordes can also help MOC authors connect with building block brands and help complete productization. In this regard, Gobrick does have very significant natural advantages derived from its own model.
In the past few decades, even with a huge population base, the high prices of Lego sets and parts were not enough to cultivate too many professional players in a developing country. This is also the main reason why most of the MOC masters we are familiar with are from developed countries.
Continuous improvement after the continuation of the system
In addition to the long-term layout, Gobrick is also very pragmatic and efficient in detail work such as part design and manufacturing.
Although the continuation of Lego’s parts system, Gobrick will continue to improve the parts. For example, the thick-hole arm parts commonly used by the technology group, Lego, and early Gobrick parts have glue points designed on the exterior surface, which may lead to messy white water marks on the final product appearance. Especially dark parts will be more obvious.

In 2020, Gobrick began to comprehensively improve this kind of parts, moving the glue feed point to the side with holes, thus solving the influence of the nozzle of the part on the appearance of the final product.
Therefore, for parts such as thick hole arms and curved hole arms, I personally prefer Gobrick to Lego. Even though the LEGO Thick Hole Arm is cheaper, I prefer the Gobrick. Because in the process of assembly, it is really troublesome to judge which surface is the exterior surface to avoid the glue point appearing on the exterior surface of the finished product. And, the curved hole arm cannot be avoided through the building direction.

Moreover, with thick hole arm parts, Lego’s shrinkage problem is sometimes more serious than Gobrick. (can be compared with the previous one)
Also including connectors such as #32184, early Gobrick parts had a small percentage of skewed cross holes, however after getting feedback, this has never happened again.
For 2021, Gobrick has embarked on another round of overhauling the parts. This improvement is mainly aimed at the tight and hard feel of Gobrick parts, which is generally reported by players. It redesigns and molds a large number of parts, and optimizes the injection molding raw materials.
So how do Gobrick parts feel?
But when it comes to feel, it will be more subjective. Although we can actually use some more objective ways to compare, but it is more troublesome.
In short, when it comes to the issue of feel, my opinions are only for your reference.
Personally, I think Gobrick parts are a bit tighter in terms of overall feel, and the material is a bit harder. Mold precision, quality control management, and hand feel consistency are all the best in the world. This aspect is relatively objective, and it is not too controversial among various player groups.
After this Gobrick improvement, the new parts I got in my hands are relatively less tight, and the feel is closer to Lego, and it also has a more moist feeling.
However, all suits using Gobrick parts on the market are still in the stage of alternating old and new, and new and old parts will still coexist in some suits. It is estimated that it will take some time to fully complete this adjustment.
As for Gobrick parts and Lego, and some other brands of building block parts in the world, which one is better. At least in terms of feel, I am unlikely to express my opinions in publicly published videos or pictures, after all, this kind of question is too subjective. Moreover, each brand has its own fans. If you say that brand A is good, there will definitely be fans of brand B who will come out and say that what you said is wrong. And just like cooking, the texture problem may be difficult to adjust. Therefore, everyone should pay more attention to the opinions of the majority of players in the group.
Significance of Gobrick to the building block industry
From the above content, we can see that compared with Lego, which is already sitting on the throne, entrepreneurs in the Chinese building block industry are obviously more efficient, pragmatic and aggressive in the design and manufacture of parts, and at the same time, they also know better. Good at, open to cooperation.
Open cooperation means a finer industrial division of labor and mutual achievements between friends and businessmen.
From a certain point of view, a platform like Gobrick is an ecological foundation for the rapid emergence of a large number of high-quality building block brands in China in recent years.
Gobrick, which is not a brand of building block sets, but focuses on parts supply, after completing the basic work of parts design, production, and optimization, other building block brands can focus more on original product design and brand building , Channel construction, at the same time, this model also avoids the repeated investment and repeated labor of many building block brands in basic work such as parts.
Obviously, this is a unique development model for the rise of Chinese building block brands.

How to identify Gobrick parts?
Almost all Gobrick parts have a numerical part number visible on the exterior face, mostly in italics.
Then we can search for this number on the Gobrick mall, if it can be matched, then it is a Gobrick part.
Of course, not every part can be searched, and there are also a small number of parts such as shock absorbers that cannot be searched on Gobrick Mall.
In the early years, there was also a Lego + Gobrick double-number identification method, but this method is no longer applicable.
How to Buy Genuine Gobrick Parts
If you want to buy a set, you can look at the brands I mentioned earlier. If you want to buy spare parts, you can consider goldmoc.com, or some e-commerce online stores that specialize in Gobrick parts.

In the content of my video version, I saw a barrage saying that the order received by the e-commerce online store is also placed in the Gobrick mall. This is the case. However, there are also some online stores that prepare their own goods. I have encountered this myself, and the delivery seems to be sent from Henan. The characteristic of this store is that its parts and colors are not as complete as the Gobrick mall.
In addition, I also encountered that the new differential parts purchased on other store were marked by ordinary production, but after receiving it, I found out that it was Gobrick.

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