Top 9 super heavy launch rockets in the world, buy lego rocket MOC, lego NASA rocket MOC, lego store

Super Heavy Launch rockets(SHLLV) refers to a launch rockets with a payload capacity of 50 tons or more in low-Earth orbit. The super-heavy launch rockets is currently the largest, heaviest and most technically demanding launch rockets among launch rockets. At present, the only countries that can successfully manufacture super-heavy launch rockets are China, the United […]

Which is Best LEGO Brickheadz? Where to buy LEGO Brickheadz MOC?

The recent epidemic has no motivation for scientific research. Since the second half of 2019, I have been paying attention to LEGO Brickhead Boy. I have nothing to do to summarize and share happiness with big friends. Brickheadz—The Brickheadz series was first launched at the San Diego International Comic Con (SDCC) in 2016. This time, […]

Where to buy Zelda LEGO MOC? Gobrick official MOC store worldwide shipping. Buy LEGO MOC Zelda Master Sword

When I played The Legend of Zelda, my wife was always watching. Once passing by a post station, Terry walked out slowly from the post station with a heavy unicorn bag on his back, and suddenly turned around and walked back into the post station. My wife asked: Why did he come out and then […]

I’ll tell you everything I know about “Gobricks”! You need to know relationships between Goldmoc and Gobricks

I have been playing with building blocks for several years, whether it was during the official account period or the current period of making videos, I have always encountered a lot of players who have just entered the pit and asked what is “Gobrick”. And, among our dozen or so player groups, we often see […]

What is brick MOC?

MOC is the abbreviation of My Own Creation, that is, out of the framework of the official Set, and completely rely on the player’s own imagination to create new models. According to the type of building blocks, it is divided into two categories: brick MOC and technology MOC, which are subdivided into building MOC, vehicle […]